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Return-It: Health Branch

This is an example of the power of one used pop can! Health and wellness outreach is invested in an innovative approach that empowers you to support your community. When we say every little bit counts, we mean it!


  1. Bring your recyclables to any Return-it Express Depot in BC.

  2. At the bulk return counter, enter this number: (604) 997-3870 in the point-of-sale kiosk (similar to the photo above). 

  3. Print one tag per bag, and stick each tag on a bag.

  4. Drop your bags into the bin. No sorting is required!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are getting people who are not scanning their bags when they deposit them.  Please SCAN EACH BAG prior to depositing.  For example, the scan option is not available in Agassiz, but where it's available, it's required.  So please check the location for a scanner.  If they have one, please scan them before depositing. 

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