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4.5" Zonal Geranium

$45.00 / 10 pots

Available in an assortment of different colours to equal multiples of 10. Colours include: Red, Pink, White, Coral, Salmon*

4.5" Zonal Geranium

The 4.5” Zonal Geranium makes a colorful addition to any garden. Please be sure to order in quantities of 10 pots from an assortment of 5 different popular colors - Red, White, Pink, Coral and Salmon. (eg: 4 Red, 4 White, 1 Pink, 1 Salmon = 10 pots)

*Mixes will vary and may not appear as shown. We will choose the best avail-able product for you on your delivery day.

Ordering Instructions:
1. Email:
2. Subject Line: 4.5" Zonal Geranium
3. Provide your full name and phone number
4. Identify the colours (if applicable) and the quantities you wish to purchase

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