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Society Update: June 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Columbia Health and Wellness Outreach Society BC
Chilliwack BC – June 8, 2022 Niessa K, Director of Operations

The Health and Wellness Outreach Society held an information and fundraising evening at the Free Reformed Church in Chilliwack on June 7, 2022.

The goal of the evening was to share with the audience the ways in which the Society reaches out to the community and helps them improve their health and wellness. The evening was an open dialogue between the Society's five board members and a large attentive audience.

In addition to information sharing, the Society offered a booth consisting of a variety of baked goods, flowers bouquets, and first aid kits for attendees to purchase as part of the Society's ongoing fundraising campaign.

Among the contributors was a community member who participated with traditional Dutch appetizers, an array of artisanal foods that are for many a rare treat. Guests were able to place an order at the event, and also online here at The fundraiser is active until June 14th.

The Health and Wellness Outreach Society is supported entirely by fundraising events such as this. The evening’s outcome was truly humbling. The interest in and support shown to the Society and its stated purpose was above expectations.

The Society and those in the community who benefit from the Society are truly grateful to all those who attended, and especially to the FRC in Chilliwack, for allowing the Health and Wellness Outreach Society to hold this event at their church facilities.

It was inspiring and informative event for the Board and the audience alike!
If you'd like to be informed of when and where the Society will make its next public appearance please complete the form below and Subscribe to the website.
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